Sunday, June 26, 2005

A perfect day

Sarah and I have just had a fantastic day in Luzern, Switzerland. Luzern is a beautiful town with a awesome green lake. It is like Queenstown only it is not crowded and has lots of beautiful buildings. We decided to shell out some cash and do a tourist trip. It started with a 90 minute boat cruise through the lake which was truly breath taking. Then we went on the worlds steepest cogwell train up a 6000 foot mountain. The view was amazing and their were many cool walks to go on. From their we took a large cable car halfway down the mountain to a place where we could go toboganing (sp?, which was also a lot of fun. We then took a half an hour Gondola ride down to the bottm and then a 15 minute bus trip back to the centre of Luzern.

As it was about 30 degrees we asked our Hotel manager if their was a part of the lake where we could swim, he pointed out the local swimming area and we walk down and had a really nice dip. Then on the way back we bought a whole lot of junk food and got back to our room just in time to watch a cool thunder in lightening storm (actually we only watched the lightening!). Arrhhh a perfect day!

Oh yeah the rest of the trip has been great too!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

We're going to Bonnie Doon

Sarah and I are off to Europe tomorrow!!! So next time I read this blog I will be in London. I am sure I will manage to make the odd blog from various exotic European locations. "We're going to Bonnie Doon"