Saturday, August 06, 2005

Maori pension at 60?

I see one of the Maori parties policies is to allow super ann to Maori at the age of 60 as the life expectancy of Maori is not the same as Pakeha. I watched a tv debate on this and the side against the legislation provided a very solid argument

This policy is flawed for so many reasons.

1) Superannuation is on borrowed time as it is, due to the baby boomers and the fact that elderly will soon make up a very high percentage of New Zealanders we can expect to see dramatic reductions in the amount of Super ann being paid to everyone, no people group should be expecting to live off a large government super plan, instead the government should be doing more to encourage private pensions scheme

2) Their are other races that also have a short life expectancy, but their is nothing in the policy to cater for them

3) Surely you should be trying to deal with the issues that cause a shorter Maori life span then simply accepting it as a fact and paying out super at a younger age

4) If two people have lived next door to one another and worked at the same job all their lives, one should not get to retire 5 years younger just becuase they are of a different race.


Ernie said...

How is it that this country on the one hand strives for acceptance of the Maori culture yet on the other hand sees all the hard work being unravelled by divisive and racist policies?

To me the whole thing is laughable. What more does this lot want?

Andrew said...

Lifestyle has more effect on life expectancy than race.

So should all smokers get super at 55?
How about alcoholics?

The arrogance of the maori parties annoys me.

andrew brown said...

I'm diabetic, which is something I don't have control over, unlike smoking or drinking, yet I'll be lucky to have a life expectancy of 65 as it is. That sucks that the chances are very high that I'll never get to retire. Now that sucks. This is serious BS here.

Everything would be so much better if everybody in this country was a New Zealander and there was NO differentiation on any level EVER! I might be a bit over the top here but screw cultural awareness.

Rayd said...

its funny isnt the maori push for equality and when they get what they want they push superiority. can't they ever be content?

Anonymous said...

clearly not