Saturday, September 03, 2005

God is good

After many years of wanting to go to bible college it is awesome to be here, in the time of God and at the place where God would have me be. Faith Bible college has so far been amazing! The teaching is just superb, the ministry opportunity are fantastic. But most of all I love Thursdays where we have hour of power (basically a Holy Spirit hour - although the term hour would have to be used very loosely as it is often 90 minutes to 2 hours). Each week without fail the manifest presence of God comes and ministers at that time. It is so great to be in a environment where the Holy Spirit is moving.

I would appreciate your prayers as I have been asked to share at a halfway house this Tuesday. A lot of the guys in the house are recently out of prison. I am really looking forward to the challenge although it is a bit dauniting. I am believing that God is going to mininster and move.


Ernie said...

Good to hear things have gone well and importantly you are enjoying it. It is always satisfying achieving your goals.

Hope the half way house event goes well.

andrew brown said...

i myself would love to go to bible college. im doing a correspondence theology course which is great!