Monday, November 07, 2005

Where have all the deacons gone?

The number of men involved in churches in NZ has said to have dropped over the past 30 years. I wonder if in part this is due to the reducing of the roles similar to that of a deacon?
A lot of the worship songs in church use particularly honeymoonish type lyrics. Personally I quite like the modern songs as a way of worship, but many men don't enjoy that as their primary way of worship.

A lot of men get their sense of worth out of being able to be of pracitcal use. Maybe its just the churches I have been to but you don't seem to see as much the guy who sits in the foyer making sure everything is ok. Or the man who is on car security during the night services. It used to be the deacons job to collect up the offering, but now I see it done by many different people each week. What does it matter who collects up the offering? If that was part of a role that was giving someone importance and enabling someone to worship God in their local church then it does matter.

Also on a side issue I am interested in what people think. Do you think contemporary church services cater more for male or female preferences? I know that even asking such a question may seem like a large generalisation but obviously men and woman are different so who is more catered to?


Karen said...

I personally think contempory services cater more to women. I agree with you about the whole deacon thing too. Anyone who has a role/job feels more valued. Sometimes this is the very thing that keeps them coming especially when the modern day services are a bit gentler and more womanish.

By the way how many doors did you knock on today and how long before you will have your first Tauranga convert!!! LOL!

Garry Moore said...

I think church goin men grow tired of some of the "sissy" worship songs - and frequent requests to share feelings - which can grow tiresome for many of the male church goers which I know. Men are generically doers more than sayers - and christian men seem to be a little less manly than the aimless (non-christians), which in turn man not attract non-christian men to Jesus. On a side note - Yousif Youhana of Pakistan Cricket fame has converted to islam from christianity - his new name will be Mohammed Yousif!!