Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Weighing in the bags

According to this article at it may not just be the bags that get weighed next time you head to the airport. It has been suggested that airlines may offer a discount for lighter passengers as it keeps less weight on the plane. I wonder if such a plan is really feasible.

This reminds me of a trip to a ladies clothes shop (with my wife) one time. I had just been training some new recruits at Inland Revenue on customer service so CS was at the forefront of my mind. One shop assistance was helping a lady in the changing room and when a particular item of clothing was two small rather then walk herself over to the other side to collect the bigger item she yelled across to a co worker "I need a size 16, the size 14 is too small". I must admit I was amused but I also felt extremely sorry for the lady who had just had her dress size yelled to all and sundry. Now that's classy customer service with a capital K.

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andrew killick said...

the good thing about this weighing thing is that hopefully blokes like you and me will get really cheap airfares. they may also spark a new kind of illness - aeroanorexia - where sufferers compulsively under-eat to get cheap airfares.