Monday, June 04, 2007

Andy Haden

Part of New Zealand rugby folklore is a 1978 test between the All Blacks and Wales, New Zealand were losing by 2 points with only moments left on the clock. As a lineout was formed Andy Haden took a huge dive and threw himself onto the ground pretending that he was illegally pushed over by a Welshman. A penalty was given, kicked and the All Blacks won the match. The referee confirmed later that the penalty had not been given for the Haden hollywood but for another infringement.

All who saw the Haden dive knew that a hand was not laid on him so the media brandished him a cheat. After days of being hung out to dry for his unsporting play Haden made the following comment in response to the criticism "All of your ridicule and scorn is preferable to me then to get back into the changing sheds at the end of the game, look at myself in the mirror and think you could have done something more to try and win"

Andy Haden's attitude to rugby is the same attitude that all of us should take into life. So often we are silenced by the criticism and opinions of others and by allowing these voices to dictate to us we run the risk of one day sitting down at the end of our lives and thinking I could have done something more.

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