Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Broken Dvd player

I preached at our main Church service on Easter Sunday which was a huge privellege.

I shared with the congregation about when we moved from Christchurch to Tauranga my dvd player got broken. The idea of getting it fixed wasn't even an option, in fact the cost of fixing is so high compared to cost of buying new I don't even know anyone who is in the business of fixing dvd players, after all brand new ones only cost $59. So it endud up in the trash and a better one was purchased (which included a hard drive!!!)

When God viewed our broken world he knew that he wanted something better. The cheaper option for God would have been to "throw out" current creation and start again with something new. But God is not the God of the cheaper option. He decided to pay the ultimate price and give of his Son. The price was not paid just to take something old and put a few new bits into but that we would be made new and transformed into the image of his Son.

As the song says

"He's making all things new, He's making all things new
He's not making all new things, He's making all things new"

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