Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cool night

A couple of weeks ago we went into town on a Friday night. I had a few too many drinks, but it was so good stopping just short of puking ... NAH Just kidding!

We went into town on a Friday night outreach equipped with a sound system, music team, BBQ sausages and coffee. Man it was an awesome night. Their was just a real peace about what we were doing. We didn't need to bible bash people, we were trusting God to bring the right people along and he did!

Towards the end of the night we had a cool discussion with a guy who had recently been divorced. It was a real God appointed moment, after I talked to him for 10 minutes my friend was able to share for about 20 minutes and ended with sharing salvation with him. The guy didn't want to commit that night because he was still hoping to get lucky but he genuinely wanted to know how to have a relationship with God.

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amy said...

That teen mission training must of come in handy!! ;)

good on ya ron