Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Since moving to Tauranga I have been amazed about the pride that Taurangites display in their weather. Everytime you tell people you have moved up here from Christchurch you get a response about how much you must be enjoying the warmer weather. IF this happened on the odd ocassion you would smile and nod but when EVERY SINGLE person does it too you, it begins to get slightly frustrating. It gets to the point where you have a standard answer for all these weather worshipping nutcases. Had I realised being a worshipper of the weather was a necessity for lving in Tauranga then I may have thought twice about the move.
I think I am going to get a tshirt made

YES I AM ENJOYING THE WEATHER (although it rains lots)


Anonymous said...

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amy said...

My grandad is from Tauranga and he ALWAYS boasts about the weather compared to Christchurch. I thought it was just him, but maybe not!!!

Soon enough you'll be hassling us Christchurchians about 'our weather' ;)

Anonymous said...

so what does that tell you Azza... get back to Christchurch!