Friday, December 02, 2005

Living the high life!

I am an avid radio sport listener and today it paid off! Through phoning in and answering a sports question I then went into the draw and won...... A trip for two to Auckland to go to the peoples choice sports awards gala dinner. This is a $280 a plate dinner with limited tickets sold! They also put us up in the Hyatt and pay for the hire of some flash gears to wear on the night. Just what a poor student needs

Oh if anyone is wondering I am taking Sarah (my wife)


Matt H said...

damn it Aaron what about me?! :p lol

Karen said...

We looked for you on the very limited TV coverage of it but alas couldn't spot you though I did someone running up towards the stage at one point when they were reading out the overall winner and thought that it was you trying to sway their decision at the last minute LOL!!

Glad you both got to go and live it up a bit - hope you really enjoyed it. Love to you both!@!

ElizabethB said...

C'mon Aaron we are all waiting to hear about it! And dont forget to include a description of what Sarah wore :-)