Friday, June 30, 2006

Back in the game

Well it has been a long time between drinks (so long in fact I doubt my meager readership are still checking!) This was due to an over restictive firewall at college.

Much has happened in the last while, I have graduated, started working for IR (again) and will be doing part time work at Tauranga City Elim. Sarah and I are also going to Fiji on a mission trip in a few weeks time so it is all go

Well I am sure I will find something to rave about soon


amy said...

Great to hear things are going well for you guys.

Let us know how Fiji goes.

Karen said...

Thought you might make a post about the appropriateness of Jerry Collins wee wee on the field for all cameras to see.

Sharyn said...

Yay welcome back! Jerry Collins wee on the field? So last month.

matt h said...

lol I guess your back outta the game again!
Sharyn, you are just as bad :p
good to see you back... kinda :>