Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sometimes in the game

Our network 90% of the time seems to block blog sites, but the other 10% I am free to post and read, so if I happen to be in the library when our net guradian isn't do its proper job then I can blog!

Interesting things happening on the political front. It is ridiculous of labor to refuse to pay their pledge card money and I am very pleased the Greens are not going to give them an easy out. We got away with it in the past is the most ridiculous excuse to try and conjure up for breaking the law.

I was saddened to see that Don Brash has been having an affair. I was never a huge Brash fan but it is sad to see that people who are putting themselves forward to lead a country cannot even lead their own family life. I believe this is surely an appropriate reason for Don Brash to step down. Still I guess these days affairs are considered the norm and it is a reflection of society that someone can still hold a key leadership position in the nation and openly betray those who are meant to matter to them most.
Despite my opinion I really hope Dr Brash can get his marriage sorted out.

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Matt H said...

welcome back again mate, well said.