Saturday, September 16, 2006

Back in the game part2

Well so much for being back in the game! Hmmm sometimes real life takes over eh! I am now back living on Bible College campus but it appears some sys admin must have realised that BLOGs are not the devil and they are no longer banned sites! So the good news is I can now post on mine and read others!

Parachute 07 is looking good! They have some pretty sweet speakers with Joyce Myers, Christine Caine and Jurgan Matheius(sp?). Yeah I know it is more about the bands but hey I will prob end up going to hear the speakers! If anyone is thinking of making the trip up let us know if you wanna spend a couple of nights in the best city in the north island afterwards (that would be Tauranga) as I am sure a spare bed could be arranged for the right$$$$$

Anyway preaching at church tomorrow in the morning service (topic is sinner or saint) so I best go and run through once more before getting my beauty sleep!

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