Saturday, July 09, 2005

Safe and sound

We were in London when the bomb blast happened, it was our departure day. Thankfully we were not in central London at the time of the explosions, it was very surreal watching the coverage from my brothers house, knowing that these were stations we had been in the day before.
It was a dispicable act of terrorism and the scary thing is their is really no way of protecting the tubes. How do you protect something on which 3 million people travel on per day?

On a personal note thnkfully Heathrow airport was still open and I am writing this from Singapore.


amy said...

So glad to hear you guys are safe. It is a dispicable act. Pretty scary. Safe travels home :)

Ernie said...

Time to put our differences aside for a moment. I echo the sentiments of other posters and offer my condolences, sympathy and thoughts to those that have been affected by the events in London.

There is an ad in NZ some of you may be aware of that has the catchphrase "We don't know how lucky we are". We don't.

Kia kaha.