Saturday, July 23, 2005

Work for the dole?

Should people have to work for the dole?

Yes, yes and yes!!!

I think it is vital that we establish something that once people have been on the unemployment benefit for longer then three months they should be required to perform some type of work or lose their benefit.
I think this should be the case for anyone on the unemployment benefit and anyone on the DPB whose youngest child is at school. Surely we are just encouraging a false reality by giving people something for nothing, I honestly think the people that a work for the benefit scheme would benefit would be the beneficiaries themselves.

I am tired and aren't capable of giving this the logic it deserves but post your comments anyway.


andrew brown said...

i have to respond with a hearty


Shawn said...

We have work for the dole in Aust here and it is a total crock.

Let me clarify, I agree with the idea of mutual obligation, that is someone receiving money from the government while unemployed should be accountable to the government for how they spend their time. For example they should be forced to look for a certain number of jobs a fortnight.

Work for the Dole is also a great idea. But it's unworkable. What work are you going to get these people to do? You don't want to be putting them into a private sector job because this is just going to let employers use these people for free labour. Long story short, all you can really do is council work, parks and gardens etc.

I'm an office worker, how is cutting branches in a public garden going to enhance my prospects of getting a job?

Government should be more concerned with getting you into a job, instead of wasting your time doing useless crap like this.

Aaron said...

Very good points Shawn. I guess their are two types of unemployed, those who don't want a job and those who can't get a job.

A lot of people who say they "can't get a job" actually mean they can't get a job they would like. I still think work for the dole is very workable as long as the right people are made to do the work.
It should be trying to work the habitual beneficaries who have been on the benefit for a long period and the cycle of doing nothing to be broken in their life.