Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Singapore Airlines.

Sarah and I are now back safe and sound.
One of the pleasing aspects of our trip was flying Singapore Airlines. They are by far the best carrier I have ever flown on and regardless of price (within reason) I would always choose to fly with them again.
They have all the latest modcons on the plane, including about 30 movies that you can choose from, nintendo games system and a great music selection.
The real kicker though was their service, it was just fantastic. The staff are so friendly and run off their feet to keep you watered, fed and comfortable.
NZ could learn a lot about customer service from SA (in fact Singapore in general excelled in CS)


Ernie said...

Don't get me started on customer service Ronnie. I have already made one reference to it on my blog. It appalls me that customers are treated shabbily by most places.

Ernie said...

By the way, I would like to fly Singapore Airlines when I go to Vietnam next year. Timely that you endorsed it.

I ahve not heard of too many, if any, complaints about them.