Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Australian invasion

Thought I would do a bit of promoting for two new bloggers, who both happen to be Aussies!!
Lasalle and Shawn
Hope you don't mind the promotion fellas but I figure the point of a blog is not only a Journal but to grow from other peoples opinions.

As a side note I bet you all didn't know that I went to school with Scribe. That's right the voice of NZ hip hop and yours truely used to hang together (well not really he actually he punched me in the head in 4th form science!!!) I was friends with his cousin though,


Shawn said...

About time some Aussies invaded! Especially ones like me! lol

Ernie said...

Thank you Ronnie. G'day Shawn. G'day everyone.

Why did Scribe punch you? Was he provoked?

Sharyn said...

Probably, Aaron is quite the provoker. (j/k). So how who are you guys, and how did you find our blogs? Shawn, actually...because Lasalle hasn't commented on my blog so I guess you aren't reading it.

Ernie said...

Aaron is quite the evangelist. He suggested I check out this blogspot and so I have. I shall endeavour to view your material Sharyn, and oyurs too Shawn.