Friday, May 13, 2005

Wasting time on bricks

Well this is my first rant on my blog! I am not sure if this will be read by many if any but I am sure I can do some shameless promoting amongst my friends

Exodus 5: 7 -13
'Do not give the people straw for bricks as before. Let them go and gather their own straw.
Meanwhile, you must require them to make the same quota of bricks as before. Do not reduce it. They are lazy, and are protesting that they want to go sacrifice to their God.
Make the work heavier for the men, and make sure they do it. Then they will stop paying attention to false ideas.'
This passage is found at a time while the Israelites were trying to get freedom from their bondage and what was Pharaoh's plan, keep them busy making bricks. How often we try to use our good works and our labour for the Lord to escape the bondage and sin we let ensare ourselves. While the bricks are good and useful for building others and the house of God, they are utterly useless in releasing us from bondage. Just like the Israelites we can only be released from our bondages through the miracle working hand of God. For them it was done through the passover. For us it is the Blood of the Lord Jesus who can free us from all bondage. How much better to be free first and then be able to build bricks, not as a slave but as a servant of the most high!! Freedom will never come through bricks but through Gods precious son Jesus! Once you have experienced the freedom make as many bricks as you can !!

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