Thursday, May 26, 2005

Rediscovering the Cross

Time and time again I find myself having to rediscover the cross. When you really stop to think about the bible and what Jesus has done, it still is and will always be the most amazing truth ever told. What is it within me (us?) that wants to normalise it and break it down to something that doesn't give goose bumps every time I think it about.

"I cried Who nailed him their, this child of peace and mercy, who nailed him their come and face me like a man, who nailed him their and the crowd began to mock me, I cried owe my God I don't understand and then I turned and saw the hammer in my hand" - The Hammer - Ray Boltz

I don't want to live under condemnation but I want to strive to live under the constant conviction of the cross. That each day would be truely different because of what he has done for me and the power of his Spirit. In the mean time though I am having to rediscover the cross over and over again.

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