Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Ever hear that prayer "Thank you God that we have so much freedom to worship you...." Everytime I hear it I think what would happen if the church in New Zealand was being persecuted and would it be such a bad thing? In so many places where persecution is happening the church is growing. Obviously having our freedom is a blessing, but when we trade freedom for comfort that is when we tend to get into trouble.

I often wonder if we have worked so hard at trying not to "turn people off the gospel" that we have lost the edge of "how to get them interested in the gospel". Surely the faith we have requires that sometimes we are put in a position where our faith is being persecuted (maybe not on a grand scale all the time but certainly to a higher degree then we currently see).

Oh how often I slump into a comfortable "ask me no questions and I won't step on your toes kind of faith". Oh God help me


andrew brown said...

It's interesting to know, that after Steven got stoned in acts, that the church gets massivly persecuted, so much so that the only christians left in jeruselum are the apostles, but what it does it spread the gospel out! It's a bigger thing than we can imagine! Next when the gospel goes to samaria, thats the first time EVER in God's entire history, that Gods blessing comes upon a nation not of Gods! All because of persecution.

Sharyn said...

No, not all because of persecution, all because of passion. You dont' have to be persecuted to be passionate. We should thank GOD we are not persecuted, and then start being passionate about Him. This line of reasoning is ridiculous to me.